WilhelmsRock Außen Live Raum

General terms and conditions of business and service of
WILHELMSROCK UG (limited liability)
for the rental of rehearsal rooms

The following terms and conditions become the subject matter of the contract when the order is placed, if nothing in writing otherwise agreed. Hereinafter referred to as "WILHELMSROCK" or "landlord".

  • The client (tenant) or his representative (management) is obliged to comply with the dates for the start and end of the rehearsals. A right to the use of the rehearsal rooms There are no missed deadlines.

    In the event of non-compliance with fixed appointments, we reserve the right to charge half of the downtime Our price list in front of the rate if it was no longer possible to use it for other orders.

  • Downtimes for which WILHELMSROCK is responsible during the rental period will not be charged to the tenant calculated. However, WILHELMSROCK is not liable for any other damage or costs incurred as a result. WILHELMSROCK is only liable for intent and gross negligence on the part of WILHELMSROCK staff. WILHELMSROCK assumes no liability for items of any kind that are not The property of WILHELMSROCK is not granted to the renter for these items insurance coverage. This expressly applies in particular to instruments of any kind that WILHELMSROCK uses for safekeeping or storage on his premises. The lessee is liable for any property damage and personal injury in connection with the rehearsals persons and guests involved. WILHELMSROCK will be held liable by the tenant for all damages, the visitors or persons involved in the rehearsals in the operating rooms or on the site happen, optional.

    WILHELMSROCK has the domiciliary rights in all rooms, also during the period of transfer to the Renter.

  • The tenant makes an á conto payment of 50% of the rent at the latest at the start of the rehearsal. the The entire invoice amount is due net immediately after receipt of the invoice.

  • Damage caused by tenants to the rented rooms and other property of WILHELMSROCK caused, the tenant has to replace.

  • Jurisdiction and place of performance is Hamburg.